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Arriving at the ECR Way Zoe Slater Counselling site tells me that you have had enough! You are ready to come back from the maze of loneliness, depression and frustration to a place of sustained authentic happiness?  Live life today the ECR Way!

Today's fast-paced life demands fast results and more people are realising that any form of synthetic medication is often a bandaid. The natural option is to find a technique with longer lasting effects. Emotional Cellular Re-Ordering ‘ECR Way ’is the methodology. It's said that 'the suffering of man is a necessary part of growth however prolonged suffering is the stupidity of man'. This is why providing clients/you a faster path to freedom from suffering is the ECR Way endeavour. When you have your emotional imprints re-ordered with ECR Way you can then create awesome fast results with Sixth Sense for Success. These two methods are complimentary and come from the same cellular connection model.                                     

The ultimate benefit achieved from the ECR Way method is freedom from the emotional issues imprinted in your cells which then unlocks and releases the sabotaging patterns. When you are free from your emotional imprints you can then make Conscious Choices that are best for you and in alignment with your purpose.

Have an ECR Way Practitioner on your health care professionals list.

ECR Way works even faster if you know what your issue is. There comes a time when you have had enough and can feel tied, angry, annoyed, frustrated and the list go on. Or you may have attended a personal development workshop and feel exposed, vulnerable and confused! This emotional mayhem presents a break through opportunity. If you wait until you feel better before you get help, you may convince yourself that you're okay until it happens again. As an expert in this field, the evidence supports faster results if you work on the issue now because your ego is confused and more able to let go of the sabotaging emotional cellular imprint that no longer works, releasing you to be in harmony with your authentic whole self.

Testimonial: Working with Zoe Slater is definitely a journey. I have never felt so connected and understood... It felt like Zoe was inside me and really felt my emotions, fears and thoughts. No judgement just raw truth, funny and sensitive, impacting and yet gentle is how I would describe Zoe for me. Love Bindi

Testimonial: Pre ECR Way: In my previous ‘therapy’ with other psychologists, sessions generally focused on working through ‘the issue of the day’. While I learnt a few tools and strategies (which I usually forgot to apply in the heat of the next moment) that deep gnawing inside me never left. After years of trying to ‘work myself out’ and not getting anywhere, I was feeling frustrated, desperate, scared and hopeless.

The ECR Way has gone to the root of persistent lifetime issues such as insecurity, anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. All that was required of me was to be open to the process and to articulate as clearly and as thoroughly as I could with Zoe. After so many years of ‘trying’ and struggle…it seems too easy and too good to be true!

However, I’m incredibly encouraged by the results to date. In only 6 sessions, my mind is quieter and I’ve had a number of major shifts in awareness & thinking. I’m already seeing the benefits in my most treasured relationships with my husband, my kids and of course, myself!

The most exciting thing to me is that I’m confident that the healing that’s taken place is real and permanent. I haven’t had to ‘remember’ tools/techniques or ‘try’ harder…I’m just seeing things differently, I’m able to respond to situations that previously I’ve only been able to react to, I feel calmer…more steady, more present, more able to handle the difficult aspects of my life and importantly, more able to enjoy the many blessings in my life.  I’m so very grateful Zoe! Thanks Kath


Stop the pain, call 0414 778 476 or + 61 414 778 476 get back on the path to happiness. Live life today the ECR Way.

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