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Are you thinking about having kids or wanting your kids to have kids? My book explores the debate of children and the top five influences why women are having babies later in life or not.
Kids or No Kids
About Zoe

Testimonial: Zoe was recommended to me to help resolve an issue stemming back to my childhood. I went to see her purely for that issue and within the first five minutes of seeing her, divulged a “secret behaviour” that I had no intention of talking about. Zoe not only helped me resolve my childhood issue, she helped me to see that I am worthy, strong and capable of doing anything I set my mind to. 

Zoe’s use of ECR Way is an amazing thing to experience. I have gained confidence and self esteem through working with Zoe. Her kindness, caring and non-judgemental attitude towards me was so comforting it allowed me to open up and resolve issues which had caused me to live in depression for longer than I had realised. 

I am now free from anti-depressants, free from my self-destructive behaviour and ready to live my life for myself as the woman I was meant to be. I now have PLANS! These words seem not enough but I thank you Zoe from the bottom of my heart. You have set me free...


Testimonial: After browsing Zoe's website and reading about her unique ECR Way methods I knew from the very first minute after I spoke with Zoe to book in my first appointment that she had the confidence and tools required to help bring about change in my life.
I was spending far too much time and energy desperately searching for a way to feel resolved about a particular issue that had caused me to feel depressed & without energy for far too long.
Zoe did not waste any time and got straight to the point. She was with me the whole way intuitively guiding me back through the pain that I was experiencing and helping me to release that pain, completely let go and move forward.
To say that I'm a happy client would be an understatement because I'm completely astounded & amazed still by the results and the positive impact that working with Zoe has had on my life in only 3 sessions. Nothing is holding me back now, I've got boundless amounts of energy, feel happy, confident and am living my life in the flow and with ease more than I ever have before, and I'm absolutely loving it! Thank You so much again Zoe for your kindness & support.
Kelly – Brisbane 

Zoe's story: Zoe Slater Counselling has been operating since 1999. Zoe studied at The Australian College of Applied Psychology, Sydney Campus and completed her Diploma of Counselling and Communication at the Brisbane Campus. Zoe is an Associate Member with the Queensland Counsellors Association Inc and a member with Australian Counsellors Association.

Zoe is the founder of ‘ECR’ Way Emotional Cellular Re-Ordering, the trainer for ECR Way Practitioners and ECR Way Counsellor. Zoe facilitates the Sixth Sense for Success workshop - creating Success, Money, Confidence & Time - the Invisible is Visible, she is also the Writer of the Zoeism insight cards. Zoe has three children with her husband, Managers their companies, Property Landlord, Author of KIDS OR NO KIDS book and programs and the CEO of Freedom Choice Academy. Zoe has a mix of local clients and international clients that fly, phone or Skype in.

Zoe was a Master Coaching and  co-designers of a life coach program. Zoe worked in Men’s and Women’s retreats co-facilitating as an integral part of the change process and has written/facilitated exclusive development programs for organisations and a recognised author.

Zoe's book KIDS OR NO KIDS? is available from the products tab. After meeting the New York Press her book is available worldwide in all your well-known bookstores, retail and online.

Are you ready to be happy again? Tied of being lost and indecisive?  Ready to find the confident you to recognise the authentic you? Did you say yes to all these question? Make the call and book your session!Change your life right NOW! 0414 778 476

As an ECR Counsellor Zoe will reach into your psyche and navigate through your life experiences/imprinted cells and re-order the emotional imprint leaving your free to be. "Live life today, The ECR Way."


Zoe has a separate advanced program that clients progress to after the ECR Way work called Sixth Sense for Success  creating more  Success, Money, Confidence & Time for more information send Zoe a request.   

What clients say about Zoe?                                                                                      Zoe is the go to lady to resolve your issues.                                                                   Zoe’s ECR Way counselling is like a mini workshop!                                                                      Zoe is easy to talk with no matter what the subject, a straight shooter.                                Zoe is insightful, non judgmental, fun, compassionate, gets to the issue quickly.                      Zoe is real, walks the talk, connects with you and when you are really ready for change the results are amazing.

Zoe works from two locations Paddington for centralised access plus free parking or Wellington Point for more privacy and confidentiality. No leering eyes.    

Client report that the moment the book with Zoe they immediately feel better.   Stop bouncing around from medication, workshops and or psychologist looking for the answer. Know the value of a good counsellor, Zoe is that someone whom you can tell everything to and really get stuck into your issue/emotional imprint.   

ECR Way Counselling sessions are one and a half hour of deep work which is why the results are so good. Clients who know they have a big issue and want it sorted book for longer.

Zoe’s clients often ask if she is psychic. Zoe creates a unique ECR Way experience that is specific to your needs and your objectives.

Testimonial: I discovered Zoe Slater at a pivotal point in my life where I was struggling to find a balance between work, home, and relationships.

Zoe’s “out of the box” approach has been exceptionally effective and the methods she has perfected, it has kept me coming back whenever assistance is desired for processing new challenges and creating greater goals for career and personal growth.

Although I now no longer live locally to Zoe, she has accommodated my relocation to Vancouver, CANADA with ease and even through my initial hesitation; Zoe has managed to again adjust my perceptions of her capabilities with her extraordinary intuitive and perceptual abilities.

In the time that I have known Zoe, she has managed to coax me through required changes to vacate a profession as a Sexual Service Provider and Escort, to a reputable business owner in Physical Fitness and Spiritual Health, to an international VIP Body Guard and Security Detail Provider utilised by television Actresses and Vocal Artists through to Provincial Premier’s across Canada.

Anyone seeking to make any changes in their life no matter what aspect, large or small, Zoe’s talents and skills make her an extremely valuable asset to incorporating any changes thoroughly and with longevity. She walks with you, every step of the way.

ANONOMOUS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            VIP Protective Services & Executive Security                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vancouver | CANADA


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