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F.A.Q.'s and Health Tips 

What’s the difference between Counselling and Coaching?

ECR Counselling: Counselling is beneficial for those who have repeating issues. You can see a pattern emerging in various relationships whether it is with lovers, friends, work colleagues or family members. It’s important to realise that the only way this can change is not to trade in your lover or job etc but to trade in your old habits and that’s where Zoe Slater Counselling utilising the ECR methodology assists.

As children you learn quickly what is required to survive and adapt, building coping strategies. These experiences leave an emotional imprint on your cells then you emerge into adulthood and wonder why those strategies no longer work. You are faced with a tough decision, anaesthetise yourself or sort out the issues. Only when you are truly free from the unwanted patterns/cell imprint of emotions, can you then easily choose to invest your time in that which rewards your natural exuberance.

Coaching: Is about the now and moving forward. It’s about exploring the possibilities, your dreams new or old. Knowing what excites you and calls your name, knowing how to be fluid with that path that generates more than you anticipated. Coaching with the EBP system is exciting but be-aware that if you haven’t sorted your emotional imprint via counselling, you will be wondering why you still sabotage your life and why you have to work so hard at being coached. 

How long are the sessions: A session is generally one hour and can go for longer depending on the situation? A client may request an extension or book in advance a longer session time. Post session tasks are generated to maximise your results.

1st Session: It helps if you make a note of the topics or objective you wish to talk about and achieve before attending the session.

Face to Face: In the comfort of Zoe's counselling room and away from those who expect from you, all topics can be addressed. The truth of what’s presenting vs. you trying to kid yourself, hide or even lie.

Telephone: This works well when you have no distractions from your end. Pick a comfortable spot where you can speak freely.

Video Skype: This works well when you have no distractions from your end. Pick a comfortable spot where you can speak freely. It’s best to have a separate line available as a backup plan.

Do I need a Doctors referral: No a Doctor’s referral is not needed? A provider numbers has been applied for and is expected soon.

How often do I need to attend: This depends on how quickly you wish to resolve the issue and your availability?

Locality: Easy free car parking or a 25 minute walk from the train station or 5 minute walk from the bus stop.

Telephone / Video Skype: Sessions to be paid for 2 days in advance.

Is it a different price for one person than two?: It’s the same price for one or two people.

How do I book an appointment?: Call Zoe on 0414 778 476 or  07 3822 5093 or email her on zoe@zoeslatercounselling.com international 61 414 778 476 or 617 3822 5093


Health Tips

A healthier happier body, mind and spirit are the having-ness of a Wonderful Life.

A healthier happier you contributes fabulously to the community and makes a significantly positive impact to the loved ones around you.

A healthier happier you is conscious connection to yourself and a preventative mindset/lifestyle.  

So here are FREE tips for a consciously connected healthier you.

Top 4 Health Tips are

1.      Sunshine

2.      Exercise

3.      Nutrition

4.      Mindfulness

Please note that Sunshine, Exercise and Mindfulness can all be done at the same time for a minimum of 10 minutes each day which is 70 minutes a week. 150 minutes a week is a minimum optimum, your almost there. It’s that easy. Go on, stop reading this and get up now and go for 10 minutes or schedule in 10 minutes today.  We waste more than 10 minutes a day on useless activities.

1a. Sunshine is FREE and EASY just step outside. Read below how important natural vitamin D is for your physical well being. Brighten your emotions by adding a little Sunshine to your day, every day!

2a. Exercise is FREE too and excellent for strength, cardio and flexibility it is also recognised for the emotional and psychological benefits.  Exercise gives you a greater sense of confidence and competence. Hundreds of studies attest to the value of regular exercise on your mood and mental state. These are some of the psychological benefits that have been shown with exercise:                                                                                                        -  Less depression                                                                                                           -  Less anxiety                                                                                                                 -  Less anger                                                                                                                   -  Less cynical distrust                                                                                                       -  Improved self-esteem                                                                                                     -  Better resilience to stress                                                                                               -  Improved sleep

Resource: Deepak Chopra – Grow Younger and Live Longer

In a lab petrie dish 'disease' cannot survive in an oxygen cell!!! So what are you doing to increase your oxygen intake? The idea is to exercise briskly, get your heart rate up, sucking in lots of oxygen, notice how quickly you feel emotionally better. It’s free therapy!

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3a. Nutrition:  You are what you eat! That is so true today most people eat more dead food than living yet we are a living organism. The brain is a hungry organ, its cells requiring two times the amount of energy than that of other cells in the body. To work well and efficiently throughout the day, this energy level must be kept high enough so not to cause mental stress and exhaustion. Be wise, take the time to review and read the ingredients your imposing on your vehicle oops your body. Your body and organs are often under too much load from eating too much food, short cut food and the stresses of life which inhibits it’s capacity to absorb even the good stuff, leaving a sluggish body and mind. Turn the light on cleanse your organs regularly through daily healthy choices.  

The ancient health practice of cleansing can be one little thing that you can do daily like a tepid glass of water with a little squeeze of lemon or some simple cleansing products that will increases the health benefits you’ll receive from the herbs, vitamins and minerals you eat.

  • Removal of impurities from the body is essential.
  • Nourish the body with vital nutrients to rapidly revive health.
  • Disease cannot live in oxygen hence why Q10 is so popular

A cleansed and revitalized body is stronger; resists illness better, is more efficient and performs at a higher level than one that is filled with impurities. My research discovered Isagenix and after trialling it on myself and my busy family life, I recommend Isagenix for potency, quality and simplicity. Oh, did I mention they're Noble Prize winners!  www.zoeslater.isagenix.com

4a Mindfulness / Meditation are about being not doing. Slowing you down to be present to the here and now! How many times have you arrived at a destination and not remembered the trip. Are you busy ticking off your to do list stressing about your other responsibilities? Has life been tapping on the shoulder, saying –“slow down before you have an accident?” This is why the practise of mindfulness is so necessary. Take a moment, push away from your desk, step outside and find a place to be still. Do not worry about emptying your mind instead focus on the breath as it flows in and out. Be present to the simple focus, observe the breath, observation is about witnessing not thinking about what you are witnessing.

Mindfulness can be challenging when you are tied of bouncing around from medication, workshops and or psychologist looking for the answer? Know the value of a good ECR counsellor because everyone needs someone they can tell all their secrets too. We use to call them our family doctor but now it’s our ECR counsellor. Zoe is that someone whom you can tell everything to and feel confident about your confidentiality and her ability as an ECR counsellor to re-order your issue/emotional imprint. Live life today the ECR way.

Sunshine is the best source of vitamin D. How it works is Vitamin D sufficiency, along with diet and exercise, has emerged as one of the most important preventive factors in human health. Hundreds of studies now link vitamin D deficiency with significantly higher rates of many forms of cancer‚ as well as heart disease‚ osteoporosis‚ multiple sclerosis and many other conditions and diseases.

Because sunshine is a free commodity with no publicist or lobbyist, the Sunshine Vitamin Alliance is established as a coalition of right-minded physicians, individuals and organizations who advocate natural vitamin D production through regular, non-burning sun exposure.

Sun exposure to the arms and legs for 10-15 minutes. The amount of vitamin D produced depends on the intensity of the UVB in the sun and many other factors. Darker-skinned individuals may need 5-10 times more exposure than a fair-skinned person to make the same amount of vitamin D. In northern climates sunlight is too weak in parts of the year to make any vitamin D – a period referred to as ‘Vitamin D Winter’

Source: dSunshineVitamin.org

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids. In humans, vitamin D is unique both because it functions as a prohormone and because the body can synthesize it (as vitamin D3) when sun exposure is adequate (hence its nickname, the "sunshine vitamin").When synthesized in the kidneys, calcitriol circulates as a hormone, regulating the concentration of calcium and phosphate in the bloodstream and promoting the healthy growth and remodelling of bone. Vitamin D prevents rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults, and, together with calcium, helps to protect older adults from osteoporosis. Vitamin D also affects neuromuscular function, inflammation, and influences the action of many genes that regulate the proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis of cells.[1]

Source: Wikipedia.

Isagenix  -  www.zoeslater.isagenix.com

Geometry Active Wear – WWW.geometryactivewear.com.au

These Health Tips are FREE from me but 3 are FREE for the rest of your life. I hope that these 4 FREE Tips add allot of rejuvenating joy to your life. If there is anything else I can do to assist feel FREE to contact me. Until we chat again, take care and 'Live life today the ECR way"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Zoe Slater