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Are you thinking about having kids or wanting your kids to have kids? My book explores the debate of children and the top five influences why women are having babies later in life or not.
Kids or No Kids

Kids or No Kids

When I was about 33, I was still in a place where I wanted to have kids. Tom still didn’t want kids, but he didn’t not want kids. There were times when I thought about leaving my husband. However it seemed crazy to me to leave a really good relationship on the chance I would find a better one with a man who wanted to have a family. Surprisingly a number of people thought I should leave him...

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Book Review

I loved your book. Its was great to hear how other women feel and how they parent. My dad was staying over christmas and he kept looking in the book.  Mal started to read it too. He thinks you are some horn bag who has lots of sex. Our sex life has really slowed down. I put the kids first and my libido is no where to be found. I hope it comes back soon. Ta Caroline

ITS BRILLIANT ZOE, it was here waiting for me when we returned from holidays. Couldn't put it down. Love it to bits and all the women in it are amazing 'WOW! WOW! WOW! P L E A S E write more books, you have such creative depth, and I must say that reading your story was just beautiful. The realness. Thankyou Zoe, I will reccomend it to all that I know.Tracey-Ann McDonald

Even if you are not at the cross roads to decide kids or no kids the questions Zoe has put together can apply to other aspects in your life like it did mine.The stories are real and show we are not all perfect and we are not the only ones struggling in our own journey. Kids or No Kids is not only a book I recommend, it’s an interesting read every woman can relate to. I have been challenged to look and change that which I have ignored.  Sophia

Kids or No Kids Interview Theme

Didn't Want Them and now has three, what changed her mind?

Chose Not To several times!

Teenage Struggle to the wrong partner and now has five with the right partner!

Babies After Me! - why not with me?

Corporate – one child, main income earner, lifestyle and career re-evaluated.

Meddling Parents - heart ache of lost love, missed opportunities, no kids and finding self.

Business and Adoption  – she is also the income earner paying off debts whilst her partner recovers.

Gypsy - no kids; was it a choice or because of bad parenting?

Affairs and Babies  - lost intimacy is common how you handle it makes the difference.

Bulimic and Barren? how her teenage Bulimia is affecting her family plans!

England or Australia - the important‘s and appreciation of support.

Juggling - children, business, marriage and discovering what matters.

His Infertility - very common and the reason behind their IVF babies including depression challenges.

Me And My Baby – thank you for the seed but I am doing this alone at 41.

Adoptee vs. Husband - her marriage was the casualty of finding her son.

50 Is Not Too Late  - first child!

Parents As Kids –prioritising her parents has left her exhausted and annoyed that she will miss out on having kids.

Speak Out - to avoid being alone, she agreed to marriage and having kids when she knew she didn’t want to have kids.

Love Another To Be A Better Mother – from mumsy mum to never their mum, the life of an expat.