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Tell me when was the last time you felt really happy? When was the last time you jumped out of bed and experienced for a week or more, that life is fantastic? Happy people have ups and downs too but they take action and ensure they get the right help, that’s the difference. Not luck; it’s the action they take. You can do it!

ECR Counselling: Global acceleration demands faster results with a longer lasting affect and that has been Zoe’s endeavor, to re-order clients emotional well being quicker, deeper and faster on a cellular dimension. Emotional Cellular Re-Ordering ‘ECR’ is the synthesised methodology. Zoe has taken the most powerful change aspects from several methodologies synthesising them to be swift, targeted and result oriented. ECR alters the cell imprint that previously returned your behaviour to it's primal dysfunctional way of existing. Re-ordering the emotional imprint in that cell allows a shift to the frontal cortex into the executive mind were happiness is located.

Sixth Sense for Success Workshop:   Saturday 23 March 2013   or  Friday 26th April  2013  


Who is running the Leader in you and your Life Purpose ? 

Sixth Sense for Success  or  Lonely Ego?

  Are you searching to; sharpen your power, knowledge and choices? 
  Be proud of yourself and the life you want?
  Trust your decisions and build confidence?
  Have an abundance of exuberant energy?
  Speed up results, accomplish more in less time?
  Regain respect from yourself, from peers and loved ones?
  Be Happy and have more quality time?
  Look sensational, sexy and healthy?
  Find / re-connect with your dreams, goals and purpose?
  Align your actions to accomplish and fulfil your purpose?
  Laugh and play more?
  Connect to your body for the right healing?
  Tackle the hard stuff gracefully to have an easier life?

  Are you feeling; troubled that you're not connected to yourself, dreams or goals?
  Confused about which project or career will be most beneficial?
  Like a failure making bad decisions?
  Embarrassed about your life?
  Depressed that you have lost yourself?
  Frustrated you're not achieving fast enough?
  Worried your deepest desires, dreams and aspirations will die inside of you?
  Frightened to trust yourself and paralysed with doubt
  Disapointed that you lost your Mojo for Success?
  Lazy and not interested in your body, health or wellness?
  Deflated that you have given up caring or trying?
  Concerned about wasting more money and time on the wrong investments?


If you said 'Yes" to six or more then you're ready to... 

learn the formula to Sixth Sense for Success! 


Sixth Sense for Success elevates Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and busy people to new heights! I'm sure as a high achieving leader you know how important it is to be ahead of the bell curve. Sixth Sense for Success is the specific success difference!

In one day you will discover the Sixth Sense for Success formula to clarify; your business and life queries, purpose and direction, weight & health issues, investments, contracts and more. Imagine culling through projects, contracts and reports that are a waste of time, money and resources, how good would that feel? learn the formula and watch your life change?

Sixth Sense for Success was created to teach you the formula how to keep moving forward Purposefully & Joyfully. 

Sixth Sense for Success connects & strengthens new neural pathways expanding brain plasticity for rapid access and results!

Sixth Sense for Success warning, only register if your a ready for a formula that generates successful results right before your eyes. 

Sixth Sense for Success has lots of bonuses, including mentoring, audios and a satisfaction guarantee.

Testimonial by TV Guest and CEO - Michelle House International Hi Zoe – just wanted to say that since I did the Sixth Sense for Success workshop I have never been more clear and focused! Also, I have lost weight in grams and cm’s and am feeling alive and fantastic.  If any of your clients would like to speak with me for some further info about how much the workshop has changed my life, they can email me or I’m happy for you to pass on my mobile number!  Thank you Zoe!  http://youtu.be/kg_utYW5eug

Like others Michelle has the Sixth Sense for Success formula for accomplishing more inspired results. Are you ready to go for it too?  BOOKINGS - 0414 778 476


Find out about the bonuses inquirer at  zoe@zoeslatercounselling.com

BOOK NOW FOR THE 1 DAY Sixth Sense for Success EVENT

Payment plan available - for a Life Changing Massive day with Sixth Sense for Success Workbook, refreshments and lunch provided. You will experience extraordinary results LIVE!


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. To arrange private or group sessions email Zoe at zoe@zoeslatercounselling.com                  

The pain and delay of not having this skill makes life hard. Live Life Today the Conscious Connection Way!


Sixth Sense for Success was called Conscious Connection, the name change was due to the great results! 

http://youtu.be/ksBlnflS1bg       Rhonda tells how she found her daughter with the SSS formula - Sixth Sense for Success !

http://youtu.be/kq_utYW5eug   Part 3   The Results and LIVE Evidence from the Sixth Sense for Success Challenge!

http://youtu.be/VmmBq1TVLCI  Part 2  Shock twist, the Interview is reversed!

http://youtu.be/uL_Nwpw7soI   Part 1  CEO Michelle House Interviews Zoe Slater - Sixth Sense for Success ! 

http://youtu.be/-joR6WiLE7c      Jason's words to you - Sixth Sense for Success !

Hi Zoe
Since doing the Sixth Sense for Success workshop, I have been amazed at the change in myself.  I am achieving things so much faster, focusing on my health and fitness and feeling much clearer about my chosen career path.  I am very excited about the outcomes I have noticed so far and can’t wait to continue using the Sixth Sense for Success formula to enhance my health and happiness.  I would recommend the Sixth Sense for Success program to anyone who wants to live life to its fullest.
I am loving it! 

I was gifted from my beautiful daughter Selena a place on the “Sixth Sense for Success”. After reading about the course and Zoe on her website I thought ‘oh dear’ I am going to be severely out of my comfort zone.  I arrived with an open mind to find Zoe, what an amazing and bubbly woman. I learnt that we need to trust in ourselves and that as beings of energy we are connected to the flow and we need to develop the skills. Before completing the course decisions posed a major problem for me, now I trust in the flow and can choose the right foods for my body, clothes my body likes and the negative thoughts that clouded my every day thinking are now being replaced with the positive statements. If you want to change your life for the better and make decision making a breeze and invite good things into your life then I can honestly say Zoe’s “Sixth Sense for Success” is very well worth attending and incorporating into your life. The Sixth Sense for Success workshop has given me the tools to recognise and reach my potential. I wish you all the best Zoe and thank you for your help. Kind Regards Sue


ECR Way Practitioner Certificate Course Level 1   Tuesday & Wednesday April 9th & 10th - 2013   or Monday & Tuesday May 13th & 14th - 2013    

ECR Way Practitioner Certificate Course Level 2   Friday & Saturday April 5th & 6- 2013   or Thursday & Friday August 8th & 9th - 2013 

What is ECR ‘Emotional Cellular Re-Ordering; The ECR Way is the best evidenced based methodologies trialled for over a decade by Zoe Slater- ECR Way Founder. Everyone with no exception experiences various emotional upset through to depression. The upset/depression can last from one minute, days or even years. The ECR Way has been formulated to get the fastest results for you that last longer than conventional methods. It is fundamental to remember that we are emotional beings hence why ECR Way is so important. The majority of our life choices are steered by your emotions, good or bad. The ECR Way works on the upset/depression in the emotional imprint that influences your actions. How often do you sabotage even when you know better.

How does the ECR Way work on emotions/depression; Zoe Slater noticed that most sabotaging patterns and depression are caused by an early incident that continues to gather evidence to justify it's existence. The origin of the issue is often suppressed through the busyness of life in order to fit in. Zoe refers to this incident as an emotional imprint in the limbic brain. This emotional imprint generally occurs during your childhood hence why many people don’t understand where it comes from or even remember their childhood. Then there are those who no matter how well they understand their emotional imprint it still reeks havoc in their lives resulting in bouts of depression or sabotaging behaviours. This is why the ECR Way is so powerful, it re-orders the emotional imprint ‘depression & sabotage’ setting you free to be. Live life today the ECR Way! It's been referred to as a mini personal workshop specific to your issue. It has layers of breath work, regression work, constellations, voice dialogue, psycho drama and re-birthing, physics and more which creates new neural pathways hence why it's so powerful. The physics element in ECR Way adapts to Past Life Issues, In Utero issue and Body Healing. 

The key; is to re-order the emotional cell. The ECR Way releases you from the limbic/emotional brain to the frontal cortex/happy creative brain. The ECR Way allows new neural pathways to be formed like a bridge to the front of the brain, the happy part. As the ECR Way releases you from the emotional imprint of depression or sabotage, new neural pathways are generated it’s like a flood of energy taking a new path flowing and expanding connecting new neural pathways in a myriad of multi directions. Exciting and thrilling!!!

Who it works best with; ECR works best with and even faster if you know what your emotional issue is. There comes a time when you have had enough and can feel tied, angry, annoyed, frustrated and the list go on. Or you may have attended a personal development workshop and feel exposed, vulnerable and confused! This emotional mayhem presents a break through opportunity. As an expert in this field, the evidence supports faster superior results if you work on the issue now, your ego is confused and more able to let go of the emotional imprint, releasing you to be in harmony with your authentic whole self.

Cognitive work has its place, however real freedom is to not operate from the emotional imprint/emotional limbic brain like a child but as an adult choosing where you wish to invest your emotions consequently choosing the happy path with ethical fruitful rewards. 

ECR outcomes; ECR allows healing - no more separation ‘separation is different selves competing for dominance or hiding not contributing to the fulfillment of the whole self’. The whole person emerges free and happy.

ECR Practitioners; Want to expand their conscious connection with the client and advance healing. A felt sense of connection happens between the practitioner and client and the awareness there is so much more you can be done but advanced skills are required. Being an ECR Practitioner will open your mind and energy to be, do and have more expansiveness, which is what clients want and need from you. If you have come to observe and realise like Zoe that the root cause of the emotional imprint needs re-ordering then you are ready to provide your clients with a faster path to emotional freedom as an ECR Practitioner.

This course is for registered Coaches, Counsellors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists who have a deeper felt sense of connection and awareness, it’s time to get your of your head and let all of you be present in your room.

To become an ECR Practitioner; email zoe@zoeslatercounselling.com for your registration papers.

ECR Testimonial

utube Testimonial by Executive Coach Veronica Phillips - Life Strategies Pty Ltd. Paddington, Qld. 0407 658 423,Certified ECR Practitioner Level 1 http://youtu.be/gcsJX-tXXuE 

utube Testimonial by Counsellor Rhonda Shelley - Esteem Counselling, Cooparoo, Qld. 0408 759 306, Certified ECR Practitioner Level 1 http://youtu.be/ksBlnflS1bg

and course review below by - Helen Harrison, Certified ECR Practitioner Level 1

I was looking for a therapy where it was feeling and emotionally based. Having trained and work with CBT, solution focused therapy and person centered therapy I needed something which was on a more feeling intuitive level. Having done some inner child work and The Journey with Brandon Bays I was looking for something similar. The Journey is great but I found it too scripted and structured. I needed something free flowing, something where I travelled emotionally with my clients where ever they needed to go. ECR, Emotional Cellular Re-Ordering has quenched my thirst. ECR has been all and more than I envisioned, put bluntly its dynamic. Helen Harrison - Member Australian Counselling Association M.A.C.A. Dip.Prof.Counselling. Certified LifeCoach. helen@powerofchange.com.au 0439 889 969

Hi, my name is Rhonda from Esteem Counselling and I am an ECR Practitioner, Level 1.

I met Zoe about 6 years ago and she has impressed me with her professionalism and knowledge, and we share a passion for helping people. I was really keen to do the ECR and SSS course when I heard it was on because I am always looking to add skills to my repertoire of alternative therapies and counselling.

I did the ECR and SSS course with Zoe in October 2012, and I have had excellent results helping my clients in an amazingly short period of time with anxiety, depression and stress related issues.  It wasn’t until I got to Thailand that it helped me enormously personally. At the end of Jan 2013, I took my 18 and 20 year old on a holiday to Thailand.

One night, my daughter went missing and didn’t come back to the hotel. About 7am I started to call the hospitals, the police, I had already searched the grounds of the hotel and still couldn’t find her. I was beside myself. Around 10.00 am in the morning she still hadn’t returned, I was beside myself with worry.  I decided to do some SSS. I connected with her energetically and could see her sleeping. I shook her until she was awake and told her to get her bag and come home. Amazingly, half an hour later she came through the hotel door. I was so glad to see her but so angry with her at the same time. She had all of her money and phone taken, and a Thai lady dropped her safely back to us thank goodness.

I have found the addition of ECR and SSS to be both personally and professionally excellent additions to my skills. Zoe has supported me 100% and it is her ongoing support that has surprised me. Most companies after a seminar leave you to work it out yourself. Zoe has an ongoing monthly support component to ensure you keep using the skills. Not only I, but also my clients benefit from my ongoing learning and Zoe’s dedication to continue using these extraordinary skills.

If you are a coach, counsellor, psychologist, therapist etc, in fact anyone, these techniques would be a great addition to your life. Professionally, they have helped me get to the core emotional issues and clear blockages each appointment. ECR has proven to me that it provides fast results on many levels from sabotaging behaviour to helping one of my clients leave the house for the first time in 3 months. Personally, I am using the skills more to help me in many other ways. The SSS can be used on a daily basis to test what your body wants food wise, improve your decisions making to be clearer and concise (for the procrastinators), and I now even use it to feel if an outing will be fun before I go. 

There is absolutely every reason to learn these skills, they are extraordinary.


How ECR started; When the maize in a clients psyche is so entrenched Zoe often wondered will the client have the endurance to see the process through. ECR is so exciting because it gets in quickly and deeply allowing the practitioner to get to the origin of the issue/emotional imprint faster than more conventional methods.

Global acceleration demands faster results with a longer lasting affect and that has been Zoe Slater’s endeavour, to re-order clients emotional well being quicker, deeper and faster on a cellular dimension. Emotional Cellular Re-Ordering ‘ECR’ is the synthesise of the most powerful change aspects from leading counselling methods. ECR is swift, targeted and result oriented. ECR alters the cell that has the emotional imprint that previously had client operating from a dysfunctional way of existing. Re-ordering the emotional imprint allows a shift creating new neural pathways to the frontal cortex into the executive mind where happiness and creativity is located.

ECR client’s are awakened and amazed how measurable the experience is to reflect on. An ECR client requires fewer session’s, has faster real time results and you the ECR practitioner get more referrals. If you are ready for more tools to ameliorate your results request a registration form from the contact tab and I will see you at the next course. 

ECR Practitioners are on your clients health care professionals list, make sure you're on of them.             

To become an ECR Practitioner - request your registration form by emailing zoe@zoeslatercounselling.com

Practitioner Training - ECR 'Emotional Cellular Re-Ordering - Certificate Courses

Level 1 – Connection                                                               includes 1 year membership                                  

Level 2a – Body                                                                        includes 1 year membership     

Level 2b – Dreams and Past Lives                                          includes 1 year membership                                                    

Level 3 – Life in Utero                                                              includes 1 year membership

Level 1 – Connection includes 1 year membership

ECR Learning Objectives & Outcomes;                                                                                                                    

- Recognise your innate skill of client connection.                                                                                       

- Learn how to discern the difference between your knowledge and your knowing.                  

- Get to the origin of the issue/emotional imprint that causes the sabotaging behaviour.               

- Open up big issues and hold the client together until the next session.                                    

- How to be in a client’s energy without taking on their disease.                                                          

- You will be able to use the tools immediately following the 2 day course                                                                              

- Plus 1 year membership – monthly group discussion/Supervision                                           

- Live Life Today The ECR Way!                               

To become an ECR Practitioner - request your registration form by emailing zoe@zoeslatercounselling.com

Level 2a – Body - includes 1 year membership       

ECR Level 2 Learning Objectives & Outcomes;                                                                                                                                            

- Body Parts – You will learn how to use your innate ECR Way to help people heal their body through conscious connection. The body is always communicating. With ECR you can take them so deep that what occurs feels like a little miracle.                                                                          

- You will be able to use the tools immediately following the 2 day course                                                                                                      

- Plus 1 year membership – monthly group discussion/Supervision                                            

- Live Life Today The ECR Way!                               

To become an ECR Practitioner - call or amail Zoe for a registration form. Web course participation is available.

Level 2b – Dreams and Past Lives - includes 1 year membership       

ECR Level 2 Learning Objectives & Outcomes;

- How to interpret dreams and time line placement - is the dream trying to sort out the distant Past or is the dream filtering through the Present situation that perhaps requires more awareness or is it for-telling the Future to be aware or prepare in some way!       

– Past Lives – This is such a fascinating area. Some clients have a strong sense of their past life and daily influence. You will learn how to guide them through the scenarios of principle learning to encourage completion or bring about mastery of this issue. You often hear people say, I need to sort this out so I don’t repeat it in my next life. Or their soul energy is based on the karmic advancement/mastery of their past whether that be one hour ago or a past life ago.                                               

- You will be able to use the tools immediately following the 2 day course                                                                                                      

- Plus 1 year membership – monthly group discussion/Supervision                                            

- Live Life Today The ECR Way!                               

To become an ECR Practitioner - request your registration form by emailing zoe@zoeslatercounselling.com

Level 3 – Life in Utero - includes 1 year membership       

ECR Level 3 Learning Objectives & Outcomes;      Level 2a and 2b is a pre-requisite for LIfe in Utero      

Life in Utero is a delicate complex physical, spiritual situation between the baby and the mother who are so intrinsically connected yet they are function separately with independent objectives. This fragile weave of un-ravelling is so powerful and can be so defining for the course of someones existence.                                

- You will be able to use the tools immediately following the 2 day course                                                                                               

- Plus 1 year membership – monthly group discussion/Supervision                                               

- Live Life Today The ECR Way!                                

To become an ECR Practitioner - request your registration form by emailing zoe@zoeslatercounselling.com                         

Zoe Slater: Member Australian Counselling Association M.A.C.A. & Queensland Counsellors Assoc. Inc.  'ECR' Founder, Dip. Counselling and Communication, Master Coach & Life Coach. zoe@zoeslatercounselling.com   0414 778 476


Executives: Are you losing control, taking your finger off the pulse, not focused, lost your corporate mojo? Do you want the issues sorted swiftly before embarrassing yourself or sabotage what is still working? Admitting you need help is one thing but trusting someone with your secrets is another. Make an appointment before you self medicate with alcohol, gambling, drugs or medication. Profile clients often request house calls.

Corporate Wives, Lives and Lies: Have you been busting to tell someone? The desperate ache inside can cause you to behave uncharacteristically, feeling ashamed, guilty and painfully alone. The relief from telling someone who won’t judge you and have the skill to help you is so important. Stop the alones and all that you have or haven’t become because of what you have given up. Supporting the dreams of others is honourable but at the demise of your own is dis-honourable. Do you even remember your dreams or passions? One day the support will turn into resentment. Too many women remain managed on anti-depressants, put on weight, and have a mystery illness or even affairs. Do you want it to stop? Call Zoe, it’s time to be guilt free, focused and genuinely happy. 

Self Improvement: Curious to seek and be your true potential? Knowing that you are capable of more is the start of an exciting journey. Be sure to act not just dream!

Depression: You can feel depressed for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or for years. Everyone feels forms of depression it’s what you do about it and the quality of help you get that makes the difference. To indulge and linger in depression produces more depressed chemicals, it's like only eating sugar. I know it's not easy but being happy is doable. Show up for counselling and stay committed. 

Are you part of the growing number of people who no longer want the dependents of anti depressants? Do you dabble with taking them and not taking them and end up quite frustrated, upset and chemically unbalanced? Have you been hopeing that your issues would not surface or stay locked away in the memory vault forever? Do the emotions sneak out here and there, either in life or your dreams annoying you like a dripping tap? Do you blame the world for not understanding and take another one of your favourite anti depressant? You can pretend to be happy, ignore it, drink it, or drug it,legal or illegal. The more you avoid you (the issue) other issues mount on top. It feels like there are so many issues that your lost in it all and you think to yourself what’s the point, it’s too big to fix and I don’t know where to start. It's normal to feel that way and Zoe always makes sense of it.

Getting of anti-depressants is not easy but do-able. If you are taking them and know you really don’t need them and need help to wade through the issues ring Zoe now. Get back on track.

Low Self Esteem: Not believing in yourself hurts! At some point you believed a negative self thought or negative judgment from some-one else and have continued to gather evidence of that. If it’s not handled it can easily morph into depression or destructive behaviour.

Eating Disorders: The complexities of control over self, self image and comparing are a delicate weave fiercely guarded by many secrets. All of us look and wish to see something different, a gap in your teeth, smaller ears, flat tummy the difference is the frequency of those thoughts. Pattern interruption is important but knowing what triggered it is the key. My clients that have gained a great amount of freedom from eating disorders have worked committedly.

Grief and Loss: To loose someone or something is an adjustment on so many levels. What’s important is that in the first year you surrender to grief and significant days you really expected them to be there. Otherwise organise professional help to guide you through affective grieving. If grief and loss still grips you intensely two or more years later, you definitely need help and would probably find that your loved ones are tired of the topic and wish you would get help too.

Trauma: An unexpected life threatening situation is horrific and often has some post traumatic affect on your life. For example it may have been a random accident, collision, rape etc. Help maybe required immediately whilst others can go on as though nothing has happened until Kapow from knowhere their adrenals give in and they crash helplessly. In these helpless moments they are more receptive to receiveing help from others.


Relationship/Marriage: Couples need help for lots of reasons, communication breakdown, have grown apart, different parenting ideas, career change, betrayal, blended family, sex / intimacy or KIDS OR NO KIDS?

My first advice is please don't say 'get over it' and the second is 'don't blame your partner' for who you have become. 

A question I am asked often is 'Can I get over the betrayal and trust them again'? This is certainly an emotional topic for all concerned but if you are committed to discovering something new and realise that this is a turning point and the possibility to trust them again. The sessions can be a mix of couples work and some individual work. Often a partner needs to step up and do something towards rectifying the situation, stop complaining about the problem be a part of the solution, book an appointment, demonstrate that you are serious about sorting things out.

Separation and Divorce: Do it well, do it amicably, do it with the future in mind. It’s a small world and the likely hood of you needing one another again may surprise you but it happens more than you think. If children are involved they need to see parents being civil so that the children don’t take sides or carry the parents’ anger. Parents need to realise that they are the foundation for happy children’s, the importants of minimal destabilising is imperative. So the big question is ‘do you love your child/ren more than you hate your partner’.

Kids or No Kids?: Unsure what’s right for you or your relationship? Have none, some or more with someone or on your own? IVF & Infertility specialists for men and women will be answering questions exclusively at the next Kids or No Kids programme or book a private diversity event for your office. Workshops, Books, Counselling available, check the events tab for dates or call Zoe directly on 0414 778 476 The personal disclosure in Kids or No Kids is changing peoples lives.


Family: When families are struggling or one or more kids are acting out, that’s when you need to ring and make an appointment but often not until someone totally cracks, is help sort after, is that normal – yes. The solution process often involves more than one family member and one or both parents. Kids generally think it’s cool to finally have someone to hear them out, tell their secrets to and sometimes have a really good cry. It takes two or more to have a problem and it takes two or more two fix it.

Teenagers: Teenagers are incredible, this mass of hormones dashing around wanting to assert and be independent and responsible then in a heartbeat they regress to irresponsibilty,blaming you. This stage is not easy but can be more graceful. Working with teenagers can require the parent’s participation, it domonstrates a collobrative solution setting a path for the future.